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Tuesday, June 20

Scribble Picnic's World of JARS

The Obsession of the Peculiar Masons and their Family Name

[Queue Music]
"There is nothing wrong with your [computer screen]. Do not attempt to adjust the picture..."*

...or so goes the intro to The Outer Limits. If you've not seen that classic old TV show, it's much like the original Twilight Zone. That rather unsettling kind of feeling is what I wanted to portray here, not just with the subject matter but employing off-kilter angles and spacing, perspective, etc. This piece began Monday as a stream of consciousness type drawing with no particular end plan other than to show the strange Jar Collector's collection of other jar collectors' photos.

Time now to sign up and enter the world of creative license...

[Queue Music]
"You are moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You're [about to] cross over into... [Scribble Picnic]."**

* Excerpt from "The Outer Limits" TV series' 1961 intro.
** Excerpt from "The Twilgiht Zone" TV series' 1959 intro.

Wednesday, June 14

Scribble Picnic and BIRDs

Golden-headed Manakin

I flew in so many different directions in my mind's eye with ideas for the bird theme before settling on this one. Coming across various photos of the golden-headed manakin, however, I just knew I had to do my own imagined tween-aged version of this fuzzy lil' creature. Cute, isn't he?

My initial idea, actually, was to show a family-tree (depicting it as a feather instead) with "Family Flock" for the title below. Coloured circles would have shown the heads of various bizarre looking birds, like the Royal Spoonbill, Shoebill Stork, Potoo, and the Secretary Bird, among others. With time winding down though, necessity as the mother of invention took over and... voila.

So, let's see what the rest of you did. Come join me now in some of our very own bird watching... and do pass the cucumber sandwiches whilst at it. The weather is lovely and the picnic cloth is laid, but for the sake of our feathered friends, we'll skip the curried chicken, shall we?  :)

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